BEST media grabber/downloader ever!

I have tried many different downloading programs. Orbit Downloader is no doubt the most superior. As you browse downloadable links are displayed, and you can choose which ones to download at your pleasure. You can set how many downloads occur simultaneously. You can pause and restart downloads. It even saves the links to the media for reference. The best part of all -- it is FREE!

How to save PDF files in Google Chrome

Google has added a new feature that integrates PDF files "seamlessly" into Internet browsing.  Some people complain, but I like it.  Especially the fact that it's faster than any plugin I've used, and especially since it's faster than Adobe Acrobat Reader.  There is ONE problem, though, and that's how to save the darn PDF files.  Sometimes you can just Right-Click and Save As, but sometimes you can't.  Here's the simple solution when you're stuck without the Save As feature: 

Right-Click and then "Open frame in new tab".  Now you can Right-Click and Save As as usual!

Now does that help or not?