Talking about phones...don't anger your instructor

This is a funny one. Must watch.  She speaks Thai here, but keep watching even if you don't understand.

How to remove bloatware for Android phones

With CyanogenMod installed, you can remove bloatware (e.g. Amazon MP3, GenieWidget, etc) and free up resources on your phone.  It's very simple.

Complete instructions on how to root and install cyanogenmod on a T-Mobile myTouch 3G

If you have one of these devices, you already know they are limited to Android 1.6 Donut and cannot be upgraded to Android 2.2 Froyo as of yet.  This problem can be addressed by rooting and installing CyanogenMod, as explained below.

Firstly, why should you root your phone and install cyanogenmod?
  • you can always unroot, the bootloader is left unlocked, so your warranty should still be valid
  • enable multi-touch, a shame they don't have it on Android 1.6 and below
  • install apps on SD card, saving system memory
  • install Android 2.2 Froyo for free, broadening your phone's functionality and available apps
  • install Adobe PDF viewer for free, the fastest and best PDF for Android so far
  • auto update apps
  • tether to your computer for Internet access
  • better customization and screen functionality
  • faster phone (or slower depending on what you do to it)
  • remove bloatware (e.g. Amazon MP3 store, GenieWidget, etc.)
  • remotely log in to your phone via SSH
  • system restore

Free cloud storage, backup and sync website

I synchronize my data across multiple devices (e.g. office desktop, laptop, mobile device) across multiple platforms (e.g. Linux, Windows, Mac) with SugarSync.  The cool thing about SugarSync is that I can access the files on their cloud with my Android-based phone.  I can also share files and folders with people by creating public links.  A good way to share large amounts of data.

It's freemiumware, meaning that they give 2 GB free to start off with and enjoy their services, and if you want more, which you probably will, you can pay for more storage.  If you sign up with this invite, you and I can get an extra 500 MB for free.  And then if you subscribe to a 30 GB or larger plan, you and I can get 10 GB free.  It's their way of promoting their services.

Note that DropBox is another popular option, though I haven't tried it myself.