International Asian movies and dramas, free and easy download

I just found some websites--Let's Look and Asian Direct Movies--that contain a collection of international movies from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, etc.  Previews, trailers, synopsis, etc. are all there.  The best part is that the files are downloadable from Megaupload, which has very fast download speeds up to 5MB/second.  There are also English subtitles provided.

It's quite convenient, especially when you have the urge to take an entertaining two hour break without having to leave the home to find the movie.  Download two or three links in 10 minutes, and you've got yourself a movie.

My favorite international movies happen to come from Korea.  They have their own burgeoning film industry there, and they make good films.  In fact, Hollywood has bought the rights to many of these films and remade (or will remake) them for the Western audience, though you may not have noticed.  Below is a recommendation list:

One of my favorite movies is Castaway on the Moon, starring Jeong Jae-Young.  Comedy with a little romance sprinkled in.  It's a story about escaping the modern metropolitan society (during the Asian Financial Crisis) to search for happiness in life.  Jeong Jae-Young is one of my favorite actors.

Old Boy is a movie that can't be missed, as it is not only thrilling but also one of the defining assets of Korean cinema (at least it seems so in the West).  Action, thrill, suspense and a twisted love story.

Joint Security Area (JSA) starring Song Kang-Ho, has good action and suspense involving the border at the 38th parallel in Korea.  It's one of those movies that come together and makes sense by the end.

The King and the Clown is also a great movie, starring Lee Jun-Ik.  Action and love, but not the typical love story I warn you.  Two men who journey into the royal court and get more than they bargained for.  The plot is unique to me, and the costumes and props are good.  Sexual innuendos reminiscent of Shakespeare's work I used to read in high school.  Some scenes depict homosexual activity, FYI.

Public Enemy Returns is a good action and comedy movie.  Cops and gangsters theme going on there.  Jeong Jae-Young is also in this one, though he's a big shot gang leader now.

The Chaser is a bit scary, involving the police and a pimp trying to chase down a serial prostitute-killer.  It's based on a true story from Korea, which is even more scary to think about.

Silmido, apparently based on a a true story, is a military action movie filled with plenty of testosterone.  Concerns North and South Korean relations.  Jeong Jae-Young is also in this one.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring is a movie about suffering and redemption through the framework of Buddhism.  A more serious movie but also entertaining.  Some scenes depict sexual activity, FYI.

Welcome to Dongmakgol is a heart-warming film involving the Korean War.  Some comedy, some action and  some love all stirred together.  It's distinct because it's not really a war movie.  It's a movie about the war through the eye of common, innocent villagers.

Jail Breakers not many people know of or recommend, so I will do it here.  Comedy, action and love.  It's like The Shawshank Redemption with a funny Korean twist.

Finally, you must have already heard of My Sassy Girl.  If non-Koreans know of one Korean movie, it is this one.  It's the only dedicated love movie I can think of that I enjoy watching.  Probably because a lot of comedy is involved.  Comedy that is intimately tied to seriousness without the mushy gushiness.

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