Free US phone number, Free calls with Verizon and others

Just in case you haven't heard, Google Voice is now open to the public.  It used to be invite-only, but as of June 22, that has changed.  You can choose your free US phone number, and you are not restricted to the area code where you live.  Free text messaging, free voicemail transcriptions, free forwarding of text messages and voicemail transcriptions to your email, and much more.  Have several of your phones ring at the same time when someone calls your GVoice number, or specify which ones will ring during which certain times of the day.  Switch phones during a conversation.  Conference calls.  Call recording.  Much more can be found here.

If you use Verizon or any other provider that offers the "Friends and Family" unlimited minutes plans, you can use Google Voice to your advantage.  Let's say you can pick up to 10 numbers to put onto the list.  Adding the Google Voice number on this list would allow you to make and recieve free calls if you route them through Google Voice.  If you make outgoing calls through the Google Voice number (basically calling Google Voice) and then also get all incoming calls through the Google Voice number, you won't ever have to use any minutes.

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Film recommendation - HOME

This is a great documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand to learn more about the current condition of the world we live in. It is well-made and absolutely free. Just about every scene was shot from a helicopter by a high definition camera suspended in a gyro-stabilized sphere. Other languages and subtitles are available through YouTube.  Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, etc. is all there.

Who is Innovalight?

If you are like me and wonder what Innovalight really does, this posting should help.

International Asian movies and dramas, free and easy download

I just found some websites--Let's Look and Asian Direct Movies--that contain a collection of international movies from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, etc.  Previews, trailers, synopsis, etc. are all there.  The best part is that the files are downloadable from Megaupload, which has very fast download speeds up to 5MB/second.  There are also English subtitles provided.

It's quite convenient, especially when you have the urge to take an entertaining two hour break without having to leave the home to find the movie.  Download two or three links in 10 minutes, and you've got yourself a movie.

My favorite international movies happen to come from Korea.  They have their own burgeoning film industry there, and they make good films.  In fact, Hollywood has bought the rights to many of these films and remade (or will remake) them for the Western audience, though you may not have noticed.  Below is a recommendation list: