How to grow green onions for free

There's a simple and easy trick for green onions
-- use only the green part as shown above and replant the white bulbs as shown below.

Having been watered a bit every evening, the green onions just keep growing and growing like grass. After a few days, I use a scissor to snip off the 6 inch-long green stems and use them for cooking. You can see from the photos above that the green onions are regrowing after I cut them. A few of these tofu containers with regrown green onions sit on my ledge, so I can rotate which batch I cut from and give the others time to grow.

The reader should note that eventually those magical bulbs run out, so you have to replace them after a few cuts. I'm still trying to figure out whether the soil in the nutrients run out or whether the nutrients in the bulbs just get used up. In any case, I found that organic green onions last at least >10 cycles (>4 months), while inorganic ones last only 1 or 2 cycles (2 weeks). Well, is that a testament to how organic foods contain more nutrients or what?


  1. I live in Connecticut and can only plant during Spring, Summer and Fall. Do I start these from seed? I also like the white part for cooking, so I should plant a lot of those. But your idea is excellent. If you could please explain how I start them, that would be great. East Coast weather is just so different from the West Coast. Thanks, Gabrielle

  2. Good questions, Gabrielle!

    The point of this strategy is that you don't need to start from seeds (though very well possible). I buy green onions from the supermarket, chop off the green part, and then replant the bulbs (white part). If you eat the white part, it won't work. :)

    Anytime of the year will work as long as there is sunlight or UV light. If it's snowing on the east coast, this might not work. :(