How to download free textbooks online

I was searching for engineering textbooks one evening and noticed that there are a lot of free ebooks online.

Sometimes the books are even hand-scanned. It's quite easy to download these texts. I am not recommending this procedure as a means of ripping off hardworking authors and publishers. This is posted so that you knows what's out there.
Firstly, make sure that you have adequate antivirus protection on your computer. Who knows if someone masks malicious software as an ebook. See this blog post for more about effective and free antivirus programs.
Next, use Google to search popular file hosting sites, as shown below for Megaupload:
and for MediaFire:

Megaupload and MediaFire are the fastest sites I've found, sometimes performing >5MB per second! Other popular file hosting sites include,, and anything you see here and here. Those last two links provide a search over all the popular file hosting sites but often come with the often misleading ads that try to make you pay for the downloads. I also warn that there could be NSFW content on these file hosting sites, so use at your discretion. The Google search method is much cleaner and direct, in my opinion.

Finally, questions on my mind...
  1. Do you think that this usage of the Internet could lead to abuse?
  2. Or does it facilitate free flow of information for the masses against the machine?
  3. How should the authors and publishers deal with it and use it to their advantage?
  4. Perhaps not enough people use it for us not to care? After all, the quality of the electronic versions aren't always tip top, and it's inconvenient to print out an entire textbook, let alone read it on the screen. Without getting too creative, the curious Internet user can easily move on to movies, software and games, which probably get more attention on these file hosting sites than textbooks. :/


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