Dr. Bronner's -- best soap ever

I started using a new soap today -- "Dr Bronner's magic soap", and it is amazing. It is all organic. It is all vegan. I can use it for my hair, my face, my body, my teeth, my laundry, my dishes, 
anything and everything! I can feel the difference even on the first use, but let me try it for a few more weeks to be sure. If you don't trust the plethora of unpronounceable chemicals in your soap, shampoo and conditioner, then this is the product for you. If you've already tried this product, it'd be great to hear what you think about it.

I have to admit that at first I was disturbed by the highly assertive and ideological messages on the bottle. Examples of such labels can be found here. After reading more about Dr. Bronner and the soap business carried on by his children, however, I came highly respect this man, what he believed in, and how he lived. Dr. Bronner believed in the goodness of humanity even with his experiences as a German Jew escaping the Nazi's in World War II.

A 32 oz (1 Liter) bottle usually costs about $15 at WholeFoods, but for some reason the Peppermint type sells for $9. Lavender, Eucalyptus and Almond are among other scents. If you think this is expensive, keep in mind that only a few drops of this soap is necessary for a shower, as it foams very generously. This $9 bottle is going to last me at least a few months. I asked a knowledgeable employee why the Peppermint one was $6 cheaper, and he told me that it's one of those customer-attracting strategies, assuring me that Peppermint is the same quality as the others. Surely enough, aside from the scents, the ingredients on the label are all the same:

INGREDIENTS: Water, Saponified Organic Coconut*, Organic Palm* and Organic Olive* Oils (w/Retained Glycerin), Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils**, Citric Acid, Vitamin E
* FAIR TRADE Ingredients
** Available in Peppermint, Lavender, Almond, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Unscented Baby-Mild, Rose and Citrus Orange

All soaps are not only certified by Oregon Tilth to the same rigorous USDA National Organic Program standards that certify organic foods, but also are certified Fair Trade by the respected Swiss certifier IMO.

I think it's also worthy to note that all of these ingredients are organic and biodegradable.  It is as good for the environment as it is for us.  Especially when you go camping and need to use soap, please use this one.


  1. Now I am familiar with the most of the ingredients in this product, unlike the other soaps or shampoo that contain lots of chemicals that we don't even know how to pronounce. I'll try it when I can get it.

  2. Where can this magic soap be found? I like your blog...I'm a turtle too..

  3. Why do you need to use soap for your teeth? There are so many natural toothpastes out there. I will try this soap when I will find a good deal on it.

  4. I live in Mexico...wish I could find this soap here. This is the only soap I use. I have used it ever since I got a free 2 oz sample years ago at the annual health show in Anaheim. I appreciated the soap even more when I read about a study in Britain that showed women who wear makeup daily absorb 4.5 pounds of toxic chemicals every year through their skin. Think about it...you wear and use chemical laden, cancer causing body care products and then you donate money to those same companies to prevent cancer...if you really want to make a difference to your health and your family's health check out the safe cosmetics database. Just Google it. Then take your body care and makeup products and check out what the chemicals are doing to you. I'd love to hear your thoughts after that little exercise.

  5. To the Anonymous person from Mexico: so true about the safe cosmetics database. Nice to hear others are aware of the toxic chemicals in many common products used daily. GNC vitamin health store usually has a great deal on Dr. Bronners soap. Buy one, get one @ 50% off = $11.25 per bottle.

  6. This can be found at Trader Joe's for the cheapest prices around. 8.99

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