About Me -- Lifestyle

Play - I love basketball, hiking, jogging, swimming and watching funny moves.

Eat - Meat lover until I learned the truth on YouTube through documentary videos such as Earthlings. Became a vegetarian and a strict vegan. It didn't work out. More explanation here.  I try to buy and support organic food and products when it makes sense.

Sleep - 8 hours a day unless a project deadline, presentation the next morning or homework due.

Live - I live in an apartment in the Bay Area, in the heart of Silicon Valley. I climb up and down the stairs from my 9th floor home at least twice a day. It's good exercise and saves on elevator energy. Best of all, I don't have to pay to do it. For transportation, I walk, ride a bike, or take the bus whenever possible. If necessary, I use ZipCar. I used to own a car, and I guarantee you the parking, insurance, registration and maintenance is a pain in the behoozies. My life got so much simpler now that I don't have one. :D

Love - Family, nature, people, animals. I love you all. I have been dating a wonderful Ms. Turtle for several years now. She has been a great source of support and nurture for me. And no, she doesn't look like this. Hahaha, the picture is funny.

Learn - I am currently an electrical engineering graduate student pursuing photovoltaics research. I also enjoy studying history and languages other than English. Travelling has also been a great way for me to learn about other cultures and ideas, especially when I avoid the conventional "touristy stuff".

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