About Me -- Career

Advancing sustainable energy technology and sharing knowledge to benefit society are my two main career goals. For this reason, I am pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering to investigate low-cost solar cell design and fabrication.

I first experienced the potential of photovoltaics as an undergraduate student building solar cars. When engineered properly, these vehicles could attain speeds up to 80 mph solely by sun power. The ability to harness energy so productively has led me to champion photovoltaics as a possible solution to society’s pressing energy problems involving energy security as well as global climate and environmental damage.

Beyond research in the high-tech stuff, I am interested in education and hope to be commit full-time to educating at some point in my life. I believe that through education people are truly empowered to live a responsible, fulfilling life.

Recycling, clean water, and deforestation are among other issues I hope to work on.

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