How to grow green onions for free

There's a simple and easy trick for green onions

How to learn more about the world for 5 minutes a day

We probably all agree that in our globalized and levelized society, we should know more about what's going on in this world to make informed decisions.

How to get into a competitive college

Berkeley, Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Yale, Stanford
How do you get into one of these schools?

US Census forms -- Do I have to do it?

Do you have to fill out the Census form?
United States citizens over 18 years old are required by law to fill out the Census form (see the end of this posting for specifics). This form is not available online. It must be completed by mail. If you haven't received the form or have lost it, you can call them 1-866-872-6868 (9am to 9pm, 7days/wk) to take your information or have them mail you the form. If the Census Bureau has not received your form by mail by April 2010, they will start sending Census takers to your household to nag you. Their schedule is here.

A fast and healthy breakfast

I often don't have much time to eat a conventional breakfast in the morning, since I like to get as much sleep as I can before the day's agenda begins. I've found that

How to download free textbooks online

I was searching for engineering textbooks one evening and noticed that there are a lot of free ebooks online.

How to safely download free software

I always wondered why my colleagues stop to pay for the big brand name antivirus programs such as Symantec when a better and less expensive (as in free) is just around the corner. One of my favorite sites to discuss, survey and safely download free software is

About Me -- Lifestyle

Play - I love basketball, hiking, jogging, swimming and watching funny moves.

Eat - Meat lover until I learned the truth on YouTube through documentary videos such as Earthlings. Became a vegetarian and a strict vegan. It didn't work out. More explanation here.  I try to buy and support organic food and products when it makes sense.

Sleep - 8 hours a day unless a project deadline, presentation the next morning or homework due.

Live - I live in an apartment in the Bay Area, in the heart of Silicon Valley. I climb up and down the stairs from my 9th floor home at least twice a day. It's good exercise and saves on elevator energy. Best of all, I don't have to pay to do it. For transportation, I walk, ride a bike, or take the bus whenever possible. If necessary, I use ZipCar. I used to own a car, and I guarantee you the parking, insurance, registration and maintenance is a pain in the behoozies. My life got so much simpler now that I don't have one. :D

Love - Family, nature, people, animals. I love you all. I have been dating a wonderful Ms. Turtle for several years now. She has been a great source of support and nurture for me. And no, she doesn't look like this. Hahaha, the picture is funny.

Learn - I am currently an electrical engineering graduate student pursuing photovoltaics research. I also enjoy studying history and languages other than English. Travelling has also been a great way for me to learn about other cultures and ideas, especially when I avoid the conventional "touristy stuff".

About Me -- Career

Advancing sustainable energy technology and sharing knowledge to benefit society are my two main career goals. For this reason, I am pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering to investigate low-cost solar cell design and fabrication.

Dr. Bronner's -- best soap ever

I started using a new soap today -- "Dr Bronner's magic soap", and it is amazing. It is all organic. It is all vegan. I can use it for my hair, my face, my body, my teeth, my laundry, my dishes,